Software Designed to Simplify and Empower Operations

" Everything must be made as simple as possible, but not simpler " - Albert Einstein

" Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication " - Leonardo da Vinci


Simple Implementation

We make implementation simple by working with your users, IT Department and management to insure a smooth transition including network, hardware, data migration and training. You’ll have unlimited support during implementation until you accept a successful install.


Simple Use

Our solutions are designed to be intuitive for all user levels. Our process controls allow for organizational continuity and a quick start for new users.

Simple Support

We’ve designed and developed our solutions on standard enterprise level technology. This architecture minimizes technical support requests. Our user interfaces are streamlined and intuitive. This minimizes user support requests. The combination allows us to respond quickly and focus on support requests in a timely manner. We understand the impact that a process breakdown has on an organization. We are a partner you can depend on to find a solution when it’s most needed.





CIMASOFT will work with client's staff throughout a project to insure all development and technologies meet the client's internal IT requirements and to relay a clear understanding of the delivered system.



CIMASOFT provides status updates at regular intervals and communicates any questions or issues throughout the project. CIMASOFT believes that good communication is crucial to the success of a project including timely completion and final acceptance.



Operating within current technology and business requirements, an application should automate manual or semi-manual processes, integrate with legacy and future related applications and data systems, and minimize administration through efficient design.



CIMASOFT has the experience and knowledge to offer and successfully implement solutions that involve multiple platforms and technologies. This often provides solutions that may not be offered by other development providers.



CIMASOFT practices the Staged Delivery Project Management philosophy. This philosophy identifies a short and long term strategy, core requirements, related systems, and enhancements. The initial project includes the design and development of the core system to handle immediate needs while preparing for future enhancements and long term goals. All enhancements are held for a future development phase.

This philosophy results in a more controllable project and deliverables that meet the core requirements. This allows the critical functionality to be implemented efficiently. The non-critical functionality can then be re-assessed and prioritized for the next phase of development.

The overall benefit for the client is a successful, focused project delivering projected schedules, costs and functionality while minimizing unutilized development.

Benefits of Staged Delivery:

1. Critical Functionality Is Available Earlier
2. Risks Are Managed Early
3. Problems Become Evident Early
4. Reduced Project Overhead and Life Cycle

What the client should expect:

• To set objectives for the project and have them followed
• To know how long the CIMASOFT SOFTWARE project will take and how much it will cost
• To decide which features to include in and exclude from the application
• To make reasonable changes to requirements throughout the course of the project
• To know the project’s status clearly and confidently at all times
• To be notified of and given options for risks that could affect deliverables
• To have ready access to project deliverables throughout the lifetime of the project




DFS - Department File Management System

ILS - Identification and Licensing System

SAM - Session Attendance Management
CAM - Cloud Application Management
STS - Slot Tracking System

SWS - Simple WebSite

PMC - Property Management Center