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CIMASOFT customers benefit from over 20 years of successful experience designing and delivering streamlined solutions for organizations of all sizes. Our solutions deliver an optimized user experience, organizational control, powerful integration, and stable performance. We'll work with you and your IT department to insure you get the right solution implemented the right way.



CAM - Cloud Application Management

Secure online application management from applicant entry to administrative acceptance and download (PDF and SQL Data). Track current and historical applications including approval status and user comments.

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DFS - Department File Management System

Efficiently Organize, Secure and Share Files of Any Type. Integrate with other CIMASOFT Modules for Easy Access and Reuse.

Key Features:

• Centralized File Storage (Internal SQL Server)
• Integrated with All Solution Modules
• Secured with Role Based User Permissions
• Optimized Performance for Efficient Use

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ILS - Identification and Licensing System

We have designed ILS to meet the challenges and improve the efficiency of Gaming, Hospitality employee and vendor licensing. Eliminate delays and guess work when tracking your employees and vendors. Maintain accurate records, create powerful and flexible reports, and streamline your daily operations. Produce customized, professional identification badges and licenses.

Control your Identification and Licensing or Tribal Enrollment Process
Streamline the Production of Department and License Class Specific Identification Badges
Analyze Licensing and Employment / Membership / Tribal Enrollment History

Stability Microsoft technologies provide stability and unlimited growth
Custom Fit Configuration and integration to meet your process needs insure success
Ease of Use Streamlined user experience provides process efficiencies and continuity

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SAM - Session Attendance Management

A scheduling system allows for easy schedule registration and assignment as well as off-line attendance sign in. It supports multiple locations, group level user permissions and is accessible on any device and internet connection.

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STS - Slot Tracking System (GTS - Game Tracking System)

Reliable and efficient multi-user management of Slot Machine Maintenance including Access, Audit, Manufactures, software and Documents.

Slot Machine Maintenance Tracking and Management software has been developed utilizing the CIMA modular architecture providing reliable, flexible performance and ease of customization. The STS package is a client-server application utilizing Microsoft Visual Basics for Applications, .NET and SQL Server. It is Windows, Web and Web Mobile compatible.

Key Features:

• Reliable and Efficient Multi-User Slot Machine Compliance
• Maintain Accurate Current and Historical Slot Machine Records
• Manage and Store Slot Compliance Files (PAR Sheets)
• Track and Audit Slot Machine Access, Location, and Software
• Manage Multiple Audits Including a Random List Generator

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SWS - Simple Web Site

Simple look and simple content management. Add Features and Integrate with other CIMASOFT Modules for Improved Process Management.

Simple Site is a public website with simple content management. You can have a presence on the web so your information and services can be found quickly and easily. Expand SWS to include online applications and scheduling.

Key Features:

• Simple Public Website Design (Look and Feel)
• Simple File and Information Upload (Resource List)
• Adaptable to Future Enhancement

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PMC - Property Management Center

Tenant Work Order and Preventative Maintenance

Streamlined Work Order Processing and Management. Desktop, Tablet and Mobile Access. Work Orders Assigned to Departments and Individuals. Automated Email and Text Message Notices linked to Work Flow including Escalation Process.

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CIMASOFT solutions use Microsoft SQL Server data storage and .NET technologies to provide stability and performance to meet the requirements of any size organization. CIMASOFT is the result of many years of success creating real world solutions for organizations of all sizes.

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